Frequently asked questions with regards to privacy.

How can I use Amboss privately?

While Amboss Space is a social platform, all information displayed is either public information or information volunteered by users. Contacting your peers is very important for node operators, but sometimes contact information that can be linked to a users real-world identity. If you want to keep your node activities separate from your real-world identity, consider providing an email address that isn't associated with any other information (i.e. a "burner" email).
To help keep your contact information hidden from spammers or users that are not logged in, change the Contact Info Privacy setting to "Make Private" in the Account Info settings.
To keep your bitcoin-related activities private from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), consider using Tor or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is trustworthy.

Where can I read the Amboss Privacy Policy?

You can read the Amboss Privacy Policy in full here: