Welcome to the first step of using Amboss Space, logging in!

Log in Process

In order to log in to Amboss, the Amboss node needs to be able to see your node. To make that happen, you'll need at least one public channel that has been open for a few days. If we've seen your node, you'll already have a node page on Amboss.
To log in to Amboss, you must sign a message using your node.
To sign a message, use one of the following methods:

Thunderhub (easiest)

On the Thunderhub home screen, use the Amboss Login button to log in to Amboss with a single click.
Or, to sign the message manually, follow these steps:
Tools > Sign message > Copy the signature back to Amboss to log in.

Ride The Lightning (RTL)

Lightning > Sign/Verify > Copy the signature back to Amboss to log in.

Command line


lncli signmessage "<message to sign>"
Copy the signed message back to Amboss to log in.

CLN (formerly c-lightning)

lightning-cli signmessage "<message to sign>"
lightning-cli signmessage "Login for Amboss. I confirm I am the owner of this node. Do not sign this message if this is not the case. 81e98dda71277162763"
Copy the signed message (only the zbase result between the quotes) back to Amboss to log in.


eclair-cli signmessage --msg=$(echo -n '<message to sign>' | base64)
Copy the signature back to Amboss to log in.

Additional Help

If you still can't get it to work, please reach out via Telegram, Twitter, or email us at [email protected].