Transaction ID

Report Transaction ID and Output (TxID:output)

Once the channel opening transaction has been broadcasted, report the transaction ID and output into Magma. The transaction ID can be found in the pending channel details and may require a browser refresh to be shown.
The transaction output is an additional number after the transaction ID and after a colon that points to the exact output of a transaction. The transaction outputs are integer numbered, beginning with zero.
<Transaction ID>:<Output Number>
To ensure that you've selected the right output number, verify using Adding a colon and an output number to the end of the URL will highlight the output.
Add a colon and an output number to the end of the URL to highlight the transaction output.
With a colon and output number added to the URL, the selected output number will be highlighted (output 1).
Once the transaction ID and output have been entered, an initial check will be done by Amboss and both the seller and buyer will be notified. When the channel open transaction has received 3 confirmations, Amboss will check the transaction and validate the channel in the lightning network graph. The HODL invoice will typically be processed within 10 minutes of the third confirmation.